Group Announcements

Fully funded PhD studentship available for September 2017: further details

May 2017 – Andy has been awarded the 2017 RSC Hickinbottom Award for “biomimetic approaches to total synthesis involving cycloadditions, characterised by brevity and elegance”

Royal Society of Chemistry

May 2017 – Our most recent paper – “Total Synthesis of a Dimeric Thymol Derivative Isolated from Arnica sachalinensis” has been published in Angewandte Chemie International Edition as a Hot Paper, well done Irene and Sam!

April 2017 – Our most recent paper – “Total Synthesis of (−)-Angiopterlactone B” has been published online at Organic Letters, well done Marie!

February 2017 – Catherine Connolly (current MChem student in the Lawrence group) has secured a Criticat CDT 2017 PhD studentship. Catherine will be working under the joint supervision of Andy and Prof. Dominic Campopiano (Campopiano group), investigating biomimetic chemistry and biocatalysis.

November 2016 – Work from Marie’s time as an undergraduate, working with Dr. Iain Smellie at the University of St Andrews, has been published in the Journal of Chemical Education. Congratulations Marie!

September 2016 – Koen and Catherine have joined the group to undertake undergraduate research projects. Welcome to the group!

September 2016 – Patrick’s paper “Total Synthesis of Millingtonine” has been highlighted by Professor Erik Carreira in SYNFACTS!

August 2016 – Irene and Nick represent the group by speaking at the 2016 New Zealand Institute of Chemistry Conference and the inaugural EaStCHEM Early Career Researcher Conference, respectively. Well done guys!

June 2016 – Dr Nick Green from the research group of Prof. Mick Sherburn (ANU, Canberra) has joined the group as a postdoctoral research fellow. Welcome to the group!

June 2016 – Graduation time! Patrick Brown (PhD), Connie Buettner (MChemX), Rhiann Ankers (MChem) and Duncan MacDonald (MChemX) have all graduated today. Congratulations guys! Rhiann won the “2016 Louis Cohen Prize” and Connie won the “2016 Forbes Prize”!