Group Announcements

June 2016 – Dr Nick Green from the research group of Prof. Mick Sherburn (ANU, Canberra) has joined the group as a postdoctoral research fellow. Welcome to the group!

June 2016 – Graduation time! Patrick Brown (PhD), Connie Buettner (MChemX), Rhiann Ankers (MChem) and Duncan MacDonald (MChemX) have all graduated today. Congratulations guys! Rhiann won the “2016 Louis Cohen Prize” and Connie won the “2016 Forbes Prize”!

June 2016 – Marie’s MChem project work with Dr. Gordon Florence at the University of St Andrews, entitled “Development of Simplified Heterocyclic Acetogenin Analogues as Potent and Selective Trypanosoma brucei Inhibitors” has been published in ChemMedChem. Congratulations Marie!

June 2016 – Upcoming research presentations by Andy…

June 2016 – Irene has been selected to give an oral presentation at the New Zealand Institute of Organic Chemistry Conference in Queenstown, NZ (August 21-24, 2016). Congratulations Irene!

June 2016 – Marie and Peter presented their 1st year PhD posters at the Annual Organic Section Firbush Meeting. Both posters were very popular and Marie won a Prize for Best Poster. Congratulations guys!

June 2016 – Rhiann Ankers has won the “Louis Cohen – 2016 MChem Project Prize”. That makes it two years in a row that a student from the Lawrence group has been awarded this prestigious prize. Congratulations Rhiann!

June 2016 – The group welcomes back PhD students Irene De Silvestro and Peter Dabell, who have spent the last two months at the CSIR-NCL (Pune) on research placements.

May 2016 – Happy 60th birthday Rob! Below is a photo from the Rob Adlington 60th Birthday Symposium, Lady Margaret Hall – University of Oxford (FRONT ROW, FROM LEFT: Prof. Véronique Gouverneur, Dr Sam Thompson, Mr Brian Cordery, Prof. Rob Adlington, Prof. Sir Jack E. Baldwin FRS, Lady Baldwin, Prof. John Moses, Dr Andy Lawrence. BACK ROW, FROM LEFT: Prof. Greg Challis, Prof. John Sutherland, Mr Dominic Adair, Mr Ewan John Nettleton, Mr Simon Llewellyn)

RMA symposium

May 2016 – Many congratulations to Dr Patrick Brown for passing his PhD viva, with Prof. John Moses from the University of Nottingham as external examiner and Prof. Guy Lloyd-Jones FRS as internal examiner.

April 2016 – Our most recent paper – “Total Synthesis of Millingtonine” has been accepted for publication in Angewandte Chemie International Edition, well done Patrick!


February 2016 – The group has been awarded an EPSRC First Grant. This grant will provide funding to investigate the gram-scale biomimetic synthesis of natural products with potent biological activities. Informal enquiries are welcomed for the associated postdoctoral position, which will be advertised formally in due course.

December 2015 – Peter’s MChem project work with Professor John Walton at the University of St Andrews, entitled “Bicarbonate and Alkyl Carbonate Radicals: Their Structural Integrity and Reactions with Lipid Components” has been accepted for publication in the Journal of the American Chemical Society. Congratulations Peter!

December 2015 – Andy has been named as a 2016 Thieme Chemistry Journal Awardee. These awards are given to individuals loosely defined as promising young professors at the beginning of their career.