Group Announcements

July 2017 – Marie is competing for the Sparrho Early Career Researcher Prize. Marie has been interviewed and has produced a website for this prestigious prize. Good luck Marie!

July 2017 – Nick and Marie recently presented posters at the 18th Tetrahedron Symposium in Budapest. Nick was awarded a prize for his poster Biomimetic Synthesis of Unnatural Products. Well done guys!

18th Tetrahedron Symposium

June 2017 – Ioanna Nakou has joined the group to undertake an MSc research project focused on the biomimetic synthesis of a complex alkaloid. Welcome to the group Ioanna!

June 2017 – Rob was awarded the prize for best poster in the synthesis and catalysis section at the Joseph Black Conference today. Well done Rob, great job!

May 2017 – Irene has been awarded a grant by the organising scientific committee to attend and give an invited talk at the 4th International Workshop on Pericyclic Reactions and Synthesis of Hetero- and Carbocyclic Systems (Milan, 28th-30th June).

May 2017 – Marie has been awarded an RSC Travel Grant to attend and present a poster at the 18th Tetrahedron Symposium (Budapest, 27th-30th June).

May 2017 – Andy has been awarded the 2017 RSC Hickinbottom Award for “biomimetic approaches to total synthesis involving cycloadditions, characterised by brevity and elegance”

Royal Society of Chemistry

May 2017 – Our most recent paper – “Total Synthesis of a Dimeric Thymol Derivative Isolated from Arnica sachalinensis” has been published in Angewandte Chemie International Edition as a Hot Paper, well done Irene and Sam!

April 2017 – Our most recent paper – “Total Synthesis of (−)-Angiopterlactone B” has been published in Organic Letters, well done Marie!

February 2017 – Catherine Connolly (current MChem student in the Lawrence group) has secured a Criticat CDT 2017 PhD studentship. Catherine will be working under the joint supervision of Andy and Prof. Dominic Campopiano (Campopiano group), investigating biomimetic chemistry and biocatalysis.