Group Members


Dr Katherine Law (Postdoctoral Associate)

Katherine completed her PhD studies under the supervision of Associate Professor Christopher McErlean at the University of Sydney, Australia. Katherine then moved to Germany to undertake post-doctoral research at Bayer as part of an international initiative to accelerate the discovery of novel herbicides. Katherine will be working on the development of new enantioconvergent reactions and applications in target-orientated synthesis.

Dr Joshua Homer (Postdoctoral Associate)

Josh recently completed his PhD at the University of Auckland, New Zealand, under the supervision of Associate Professor Jonathan Sperry. Josh’s doctoral research focussed on the total syntheses of numerous indole- and pyrrole-containing natural products, with a specific emphasis on biomimetic methodology. Josh will be working as a post-doctoral research fellow in the Lawrence group helping to extend enantioconvergent synthesis.

Catherine Connolly (PhD Student)

img_2656Catherine completed the final year of her MChem (Medicinal and Biological Chemistry) degree at the University of Edinburgh in the Lawrence group. She also completed a 12 month R&D Industrial Placement within the Medicinal Chemistry Department at GlaxoSmithKline, Stevenage. She is now doing a PhD as part of the Criticat CDT program working jointly in the Lawrence and Campopiano groups. She will be working on biomimetic chemistry and biocatalysis.

Helen Jones (PhD Student)

Helen completed her undergraduate degree at Pembroke College, Oxford (MChem, Hons 1st Class). During her degree she completed a Part II research project under the supervision of Professor Ed Anderson, investigating the synthesis of bridged functionalised bicyclo[1.1.1]pentane derivatives. Helen is now looking to develop a new approach towards enantioconvergent catalysis during her PhD.

Jake Stuart (PhD Student)

Jake completed his undergraduate Medicinal and Biological Chemistry degree at the University of Edinburgh in 2018 (MChem, Hons 1st Class). He completed an undergraduate research project in the Lawrence group, invetsigating a new biomimetic route to a complex alkaloid. Jake is now undertaking his PhD studies in the Lawrence group developing new enantioconvergent reactions.

Andrew Tiberia (PhD Student)

Andy was raised in Cambridgeshire and completed his undergraduate studies at the University of York in 2018 (MChem, Hons 1st Class), spending his final year at Syngenta developing a novel herbicidal compound. Now part of the CRITICAT CDT, his PhD (jointly supervised with Prof. Lloyd-Jones) will involve the development of a new approach to enantioconvergent catalysis.

Jacob Bestwick (PhD Student)

Jacob completed his MChem at the University of Southampton in 2017. He carried out a six month research project at the University of Otago in New Zealand under the supervision of Dr Bill Hawkins, investigating the synthesis of brefeldin A analogues. He joined the Lawrence group in October 2018 and is working on the development of new enantioconvergent reactions. 

Rosie Street-Jeakings (PhD Student)

Rosie completed her Masters at the University of Manchester (1st Class Hons.) under the supervision of Dr Danielle Leonori developing a method of photoinduced decarboxylative azidation. She also completed a 12 month placement at Roche (Switzerland) and a 3 month placement at Bayer (Germany). Rosie is now researching new enantioconvergent reactions for her PhD.

Panagiotis Kalomenopoulos (Undergraduate Project Student)

Panagiotis is in the final year of his undergraduate studies at the University of Edinburgh (MChem). He has previously researched the synthesis of magnetically interesting coordination complexes under the supervision of Prof. Euan Brechin and Prof. Simon Parsons. He is currently undertaking a 5P research project in the Lawrence Group researching the biomimetic total synthesis of natural products.

Baekman Kim (Undergraduate Project Student)

Baekman is from South Korea and is in the 4th year of his undergraduate studies at the University of Edinburgh. Before commencing year 4, he carried out a year-long research placement at KAIST in Korea under the supervision of Prof. Soon Hyeok Hong on metathesis, polymer chemistry, and CO2 functionalization. He is now researching the biomimetic synthesis of natural products.

Past Members

Dr Robert Godfrey (PhD Student 2014-2019, Postdoctoral Fellow 2019-2020)

Dr Peter DaBell (PhD Student 2015-2019)

  • Destination: Publishing editor at the Royal Society of Chemistry

Dr Marie Thomson (PhD Student 2015-2018)

  • Destination: Trainee patent attorney

Dr Irene De Silvestro (PhD Student 2014-2017)

  • Destination: Postdoctoral research fellow at UNSW in the Morris group

Dr Nicholas Green (Postdoctoral Research Fellow 2016-2017)

  • Destination: Postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Cambridge in the Sutherland group

Dr Patrick Brown (PhD Student 2013-2016)

  • Destination: Senior Scientist at GSK

Past Undergraduate Students and Visitors

Sujlesh Sharma (MSc Project Student 2020)

Eilidh Matheson (Undergraduate Project Student 2019-2020)

Kristian Chambers (Undergraduate Project Student 2019-2020)

Naruhiro Gondo (Visiting Student 2019 – Kyoto University)

Elliot Davenport (Undergraduate Project Student 2018-2019)

Charlotte O’Donnell (Undergraduate Project Student 2018-2019)

Chenfei He (Undergraduate Project Student 2018-2019)

Farjana Afroj (MSc Project Student 2019)

Victor Borba (Visiting Student 2019 – University of Ottawa)

Fraser Milne (Undergraduate Summer Student 2019)

Jake Stuart (Undergraduate Project Student 2017-2018)

Maciej Kucharski (Undergraduate Project Student 2017-2018)

Tomas Vieira De Castro (Undergraduate Project Student 2017-2018)

Ioanna Nakou (MSc Project Student 2017)

Koen Rietdijk (Undergraduate Project Student 2016-2017)

Catherine Connolly (Undergraduate Project Student 2016-2017)

Rhiann Ankers (Undergraduate Project Student 2015-2016)

Connie Buettner (Undergraduate Project Student 2015-2016)

Duncan MacDonald (Undergraduate Project Student 2015-2016)

Rebecca Burns (Undergraduate Project Student 2014-2015)

Becky Gerrard (Undergraduate Project Student 2014-2015)

Kiera Mehigan (Undergraduate Project Student 2014-2015)