2019 Oct  VI Encuentro Nacional de Ciencias Químicas, Motevideo, Uruguay
2019 Jun 
8th Heron Conference, Uluru, Australia
2018 Oct 
17th BMOS, Salvador, Brazil2018 Oct  17th BMOS, Salvador, Brazil
2018 Sept 
XIX NOST Organic Chemistry Conference, Goa, India
2018 Aug
University of Ottawa, Canada
2018 Aug 
Fall ACS National Meeting (OL/JOC Award Symposium), Boston, MA
2018 May 
RSC Organic Division North West Regional Meeting, Liverpool
2018 May 
Loughborough University
2018 May 
University College Dublin, Ireland
2018 Apr 
Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic
2018 Mar 
University of Geneva, Switzerland
2018 Jan 
UCB Pharma, Belgium
2018 Jan 
RSC Organic Division South West Regional Meeting, Bristol
2017 Nov 
EPFL Lausanne, Switzerland
2017 Oct 
RSC-NOST Symposium on Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry, Leeds
2017 July
  RSC International Symposium: Synthesis in Organic Chemistry, Oxford
2017 May  University of St Andrews
2017 Feb  Lilly UK, Erl Wood Manor
2017 Feb  University of Newcastle
2016 Dec  23rd SCI Annual Review Meeting: Hot Topics in Organic Synthesis, London
2016 Nov  University of Xiamen, China
2016 Oct  University of Manchester
2016 Sept  7th SCI Celebration of Organic Chemistry Symposium, Syngenta
2016 Sept  Gregynog Synthesis Workshop
2016 July  RSC Bioactive Natural Products: Translating Promise into Practice, Oxford
2016 July  17th European Conference on Heterocyclic Chemistry, Amsterdam
2016 April  University of York
2015 Oct  University of Oxford
2015 June  Short Talk, GRC – Heterocyclic Compounds, Rhode Island
2015 June  98th Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition, Ottawa
2015 April  Young Chemists Conference, Imperial College London
2015 May  RSC Grasmere Heterocyclic Symposium, Grasmere
2014 Sept  Gregynog Synthesis Workshop
2014 July  University of Huddersfield
2014 July  Royal Australian Chemical Institute National Congress, Adelaide
2014 May  Oral and Poster Presentation, Bürgenstock Conference, Switzerland
2014 May  University of Nottingham
2013 Dec  Perkin Meeting of the RSC Organic Division, Heriot-Watt University
2013 Sept  University of Queensland
2013 July  Poster, GRC – Natural Products, New Hampshire
2013 June  University of Adelaide
2013 May  Monash University
2013 May  University of Melbourne
2013 May  University of Sydney
2013 May  University of New South Wales
2013 April  SynthCon2, Yarra Valley, Australia
2013 April  CSIRO – Materials and Engineering, Mebourne
2012  New South Wales RACI Natural Products Symposium, University of Sydney
2011  Adelaide Synthesis Symposium, Flinders University